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The CERT-VOC: Anticipate

The Formind VOC (Vulnerability Operation Center), one of the two pillars of the CERT (Computer Emergency response Team), manages your vulnerabilities and warns you of the threats on your information system. Just like the SOC (Security Operation Center), this cockpit provides you with a 360° real-time view of your weaknesses. It has been designed to free you up from time-consuming and endless vulnerability management.

Vulnerability scanning and exploitation remains the vector #1 for infection and is the source of 35% of attacks. For this, Formind:

  • scans your park with a vulnerability scanner, either your own one (Qualys, Nessus, Tenable, Outpost24, etc.) or one of our partners’ (Cyberwatch),
  • evaluates your Internet footprint (External Attack Surface Management: domain hijacking, data leak onto the web, deepweb and darkweb, telemetry of certain keywords and so on),
  • provides periodic alerts on the CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure) and threats to your assets.

Your challenges

  • Centralise vulnerabilities to manage them better.
  • Organise the vulnerability channel: assist IT teams and manage remediation.
  • Identify the threats to your organisation.

VOC Formind

Get to know yourself to fight back better!

The Formind VOC sets up or manages your vulnerability scanner and maps your assets, whether they are in the Cloud or OnPrem. Formind takes charge of this activity to enable your security and IT teams to focus on tasks with high added value.

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The vulnerability and threat knowledge service provides information to the SOC so that it can set up detection of the latest attack threats. If an incident occurs, the VOC works with the RIF to provide information about the threat in order to target the investigations and save time.

Your benefits

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Vulnerability channel structuring

The following steps are necessary for optimum effectiveness in vulnerability management : map, orchestrate and correct. A successful vulnerability management project requires an effective framework, getting everyone together around a table (sponsors & managers) and adopting the tools to ensure better monitoring with value given to the vulnerability scan. The setting up of a VOC scan is based first and foremost on good organisation in terms of vulnerability management.

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Convergence at the heart of the detection strategy

Combining vulnerability sources (e.g.: scanner, pentest, tool watch, etc.) enables us to better manage systems, reduce exposure to threats and take advantage of a global and unified vision of the vulnerabilities and their critical levels. Using the Hackuity orchestrator also enables close monitoring of how vulnerabilities are processed (patch management) and so enables to limit their surface of attack.

Manage and control your surface of attack

Over 70% of companies have been compromised via unknown Internet exposure, not or poorly managed by IT teams.

The objective of the Formind VOC is to look beyond your OnPrem or Cloud perimeter firewalls and to enable you to control this exposure :

  • Discover unmanaged resources
  • MultiCloud visibility
  • Vulnerability identification

A clear and adaptable offer

Vulnerability orchestration :

  • Vulnerability source centralisation;
  • Management of a vulnerability scanner;
  • Resolution assistance.

Management of your surface of attack :

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence adapted to your company and your sector of activity;
  • Monitoring of any data leaks from your company onto the clearweb, the deepweb and the darkweb ;

Watch of your technologies, new cyber events and specific threat analysis.

Our main partners

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What they say about us!

Anonymous - Major Energy sector account
    Anonymous – Major Energy sector account

    The main challenge in vulnerability management for a Major Group lies in the complex nature of its communication with its subsidiaries. Formind VOC provided me with a contextualised watch over the IT/OT threats and vulnerabilities for each of our subsidiaries. Each alert is sent directly to the right point of contact which enables us to improve the effectiveness of our vulnerability processing.

    In the event of a security incident : / +33 (0)1 81 89 30 02