Formind is a French independent leader and a pure player in cybersecurity and is PASSI-qualified by the ANSSI. Its mission is to protect its customers and to play an active role in strengthening companies’ level of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is a key element in companies’ performance and is an essential factor in the full development of their product and service offers. The SOC (Security Operation Center) seeks to enable companies to monitor their information systems (supported by the best performing SIEM, EDR and NDR-type solutions on the market) and so detect attacks extremely quickly while rejecting false positives.

Thanks to its VOC (Vulnerability Operation Center) Formind’s CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) enables customers to anticipate threats, to perform the watch operations they need and to correct any vulnerabilities.

It also provides them with a high-performance FIR (Fast Incident Response) to intervene and respond to any attacks (ransomware & malware, phishing, CEO fraud, identity, theft, etc.)

Targeted in particular at companies who don’t have the necessary resources in-house, Formind’s SOC & CERT are deployed quickly on a subscription basis to ensure greater visibility over budgets and shared commitment levels.

Formind services

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Monitor & Detect

of companies are victims of ransomware.*

Formind has taken note of this fact and can protect you. The SOC enables you to monitor your assets and detect any attacks before they can threaten your business. We define the cyber operations and manage your security tools (EDR, SIEM, NDR and so on) with the support of our 50 cyber experts (analysts, technological experts and other specialists), 24/7.

If a critical incident does occur, the SOC activates the RIF to handle the incident with you and limit any operational impacts.

*CESIN analysis 2023

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of incidents are due to permanent residual vulnerabilities.*

Vulnerability management needs to be seen as an own separate service, in the same way as the SOC; it needs to be maintained, improved and measured.

Mapping assets and their criticality, positioning, architecture and the full range of scanners required expert know-how. Formind’s VOC made up of vulnerability management specialists works alongside the technical governance project and provides its expertise on the main solutions available on the market: Cyberwatch, Hackuity, Rapid7, Tenable, Qualys and more.

If an incident occurs, the VOC works with the FIR to provide information about the threat to target the investigations and save time.

*CESIN analysis 2023

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of companies have felt an impact on their business, in particular due to disruption of their production.*

Are you under attack? The FIR (Fast Incident Response) is at your side!

Formind’s FIR gets to work from defining an action plan to providing feedback, via technical investigation in order to contain and limit the impact of the incident.

Do you know how to react and who to contact if you are attacked?

*CESIN analysis 2023

Our Added Value

“Formind’s SOC deploys quickly and orchestrates alerts from a host of sources, enabling our experts

to concentrate on investigations with high added value. The detection rules are adapted and tested continually. “

— Charles MELIN – SOC & CERT Director Formind


The SOC & CERT team

Experts, not robots

Located in France and Canada, our team is made up of 50 exclusively level 2 and 3 experts.


A cybersecurity pure player

Formind is a French leader in cybersecurity with 260 experts whose main mission is to advise and help you deal with security risks.

Our values

Benevolence, Commitment, Excellence

Cybersecurity requires to question ourselves at all times and to maintain a permanent watch in order to anticipate threats and be able to react immediately, with humility and attention to the finest details.

In the event of a security incident : / +33 (0)1 81 89 30 02